Who We Are...
Where We Have Been...
 Located in Pinehurst NC, is owned and operated by
Janet and Wayne Rasmussen . TCS is  dedicated to providing  quality goods and
services for the active horsemen whether in some of the best  show rings,  in the hunt
field or  out on the trails. We are now a small business that is focused on unique,
proprietary and  custom products bearing our own brands. Originally from new jersey
and the Philadelphia area, our love of  horses has given us opportunities to pursue our
passion to create or make most products we now provide. We are blessed and grateful
for this opportunity to service our customers at Shows and at Home.
the country saddler shop
Tampa, Florida workd cup 1989
World Cup 1989
Tampa,   Florida
custom bridle doantion to a horse rider
Buddy Brown with a legacy bridle
the country saddler giving a custum bidle
custom bridle
Our career together started in 1981 with the purchase of  S & S Saddlery,  located in
Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Prior to that Wayne finished an apprenticeship with a
well respected saddler.  Wayne's ability at the bench drew attention of the former
owners of S&S Saddlery, and  from there the opportunity to purchase the business as
a mobile unit, took us to the recently launched Wellington Florida Hunter Jumper  
Circuit in 1981.Wayne quickly became the "go to guy" for excellent repairs from
simple to difficult saddle problems. In 1984,  it was Wayne's  honor to make several
bridles for the Gold Medal team at Los Angeles Olympics. With this success his
prominence in the industry led to many innovative ideas and  products now used daily
by national as well as international riders.
Traveling from New Hampshire to Wellington  Florida 36 weeks of the year gave us
many great experiences.  The knowledge we gained in knowing and serving grooms,
rider and trainers from the pony rings and Grand Prix Rings helped shape who and
what we are as craftsmen and retailers. The 20 plus years of valuable experience lead
us to leaving the general  "Tack Shop" venue and extensive traveling to a more
focused enterprise now known as THE COUNTRY SADDLER
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