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LEGACY For Every Discipline & Every Size

Hunters:  Pony, Cob, Full & Oversize  and Custom Fit
  • Raised, Fancy Stitched, Padded Raised [Plain or Fancy Stitched.] as well
    as Tapered in both Plain or Fancy Stitched
Jumpers: Cob, Full, Oversize and Custom Fit
  •   Flat Fig 8 adjustable
  •     Raised Fig 8 made with Rings..Plain or Fancy Stitched.
  • Partially Raised Fig 8 Plain or Fancy Stitched {semi adjustable}
  • Center button  Sheepskin or Leather backing

Dressage : Full,  Oversize and Custom
  • Padded or  Plain Crown
  • Leather Colors: Dark Havana, Black
  • Brow / Nose Padded  in Black, Brown, White
  • Bridle Cheeks with Hook Stud or Buckle Out
  • Brass or Nickel Hardware
  • Pull-Tite {crank}  Nose option with Padded Chin Piece
  • Fancy Options available upon request

LEGACY Bridle  Choices {included}
  • Leather Colors Nut, Light Havana, Black,
Conker{ fully custom only}
  • Soft Raised,Square Raised. Flat
  • Choice of Noseband width:  3/4 to 1 1/4 " wide
  • Choice of Brow & Cheek width: 3/8" to 3/4"
  • Hardware Color:  Nickel or Brass

LEGACY options
  • made to measure with fit chart {guaranteed fit but not fully custom}
  • Comfort Crown {sculpted behind ears for sensitivity}
  • Fully Custom: custom fit and COMPLETELY hand stitched  ( 4-6
    months delivery)
  •  Custom styling/design {may be 4-6 months delivery}
Bridle being measured
Discover   the LEGACY Collection

With over three decades of experience at the bench, Wayne Rasmussen  
clearly understands that form follows function. Our original
are crafted by hand in our own shop from the finest Tanned hides
in the world,
Sedgwick  Leather, UK. The understanding of function is
essential and is Wayne's mission in creating a perfect form with guaranteed
fit, design and finish. The details of finesse are seen  in fine stitching, hand
rubbed edges and sharp creasing, along with using the best quality
hardware marks a
LEGACY bridle. It is no wonder the finest riders in the
world applaud  
LEGACY Bridles from Wayne's bench.
TCS logo
TCS logo
leather bridle
Karen Kelly's "LUC"
Trainer & Hunter Derby Rider
Brick Church Farm
Charleston, SC wearing
Legacy Raised Tapered Style with Fancy
Fancy stitched hose bridle , padded. Custom made bridle
Buddy Brown
Buddy Brown- Olympian &Trainer  
Derby Hill Farm
" Historic" Red Barn
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  94305
Wayne Rasmussen Master Saddler
30 Plus years of experience
For more bridle images please view the video below.
All of our bridles are made with 100% English leather
Color: Nut

Color : Dark Havana

Color: Light Havana

Color: Black
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